Jim DelRosso is a digital projects coordinator, librarian, and bane of the undead.

Well, OK, the last one’s a half-truth.

I’ve been working at the Martin P. Catherwood Library, which serves Cornell University‘s ILR School, since 2006. I became Web & Digital Projects Manager there in 2009, and Digital Projects Coordinator (an academic position) in 2011. Before that, I worked at Mann Library doing interlibrary loan. In 2007 I began pursuing my MSLIS at Syracuse University‘s iSchool, and I completed my work towards that degree — and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Digital Libraries — in 2009.

The process of becoming a librarian — the pursuit of both jobs and education in furtherance of that goal, the interactions with others who stand at some point along the same path, etc. — is something I’ve been wanting to speak and write about for a while. This blog will hopefully serve as a place to do that, and maybe even let me discuss the issues I write about with others who find them interesting. I’m hopeful that when I ramble about something I’m only just learning about, more knowledgeable folks might swing through to provide more insight. If nothing else it’ll let me practice writing, which can’t hurt.

Of course, since I completed my degree in 2009 and got an academic librarian gig in 2011, I may need to rename this place. We’ll see.

If you’re interested in contacting me, email works well. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.


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