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A midnight report

5 Oct

I spent a huge chunk of today working on my internship, with results that I’m pleased with and wish I could share. But, while the research guide I’m working on likely won’t go live until the Spring, it’s really starting to look like a guide. Lots of resources (including embedded video and RSS feeds to show off how cool LibGuides is), and even some images to pretty it up. I need to get some print resources worked in, though: I tend towards a kind of electronic chauvanism when I create these sorts of things, and that’s a habit I badly need to break.

I’ll be dipping back into book reviews sooner than I’d anticipated, to tackle Richard K. Morgan’s staggeringly awesome The Steel Remains

More information solicitation: Content management

7 Jul

The project I’m working on for my library school internship involves setting up a single research portal for use by the faculty of an academic department (the very department which granted me my BS, in fact). I’m in the process of vetting both content and the system to manage that content, and it’s the latter that I’d like to pick folks’ brains about.

It doesn’t look like LibGuides is going to fit the bill for what we’re trying to do, and I’m not sure that Drupal will be within my capabilities given the time frame for this project. So right now I’m looking at other CMSs, as well as systems like wikis; this article by Edward M. Corrado and Kathryn A. Frederick was an excellent start, but now I’m hoping to hear from folks who have undertaken projects like this.

The department in question has around 25 faculty members, and is looking for a single website where they can find resources relevant to their research drawn from the Cornell University Library, the U.S. government, and other online and print sources. I’m looking for a system that is easy to set up, easy for the faculty to use, and easy to maintain (since I can only be dedicated to this project for six months, tops).

Any advice, warnings, recommendations or tall tales would be greatly appreciated!