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Student Assistants Represent

24 Feb

This is a video of ILR student John Ertl speaking at the rally in Wisconsin:

I’m proud to say that John worked for Web & Digital Projects here at Catherwood a year or so back, and proud that the video was sent to me by a student assistant who currently works for us and asked for the week off to head out to Wisconsin.

I have often described the students who work for us as forces of nature. They do amazing work while they’re with us, pursue tremendous goals while they’re at Cornell, and leave us do things like work in Hong Kong or teach in charter schools. I take credit for nothing beyond convincing such awesome folks to work with us for a while, knowing that they will go on to do things which will stagger us.


Don’t get caught in a bad hotel

13 May

I’m posting this here for three reasons:

  1. It’s an awesome protest against in support of more than 9,000 hotel workers in the SF area who have been working without a contract for nine months. (Details here.)
  2. Despite its obvious relevance to the work we do at Catherwood, it’s probably not something that’d be considered appropriate content for the official library blog.
  3. The song is now stuck in my head, and I must share the glorious pain.