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Another post to the SLA Academic blog

8 Oct

This one’s about colleges using aggregators to track social-media involvement. Once again, I owe the link to Ellyssa Kroski, whose blog you should totally be subscribing to. I’m sharing it here to re-post some questions I asked at the end:

It’s an interesting piece, especially as academic librarians debate the merits of their libraries getting more involved in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Could these sorts of aggregators increase the viability of that kind of involvement, by linking it to increasingly common library blogs and other library resources? If colleges and universities find value in this sort of technology, how can librarians leverage their tech and information savvy to help make those projects better?

What do y’all think about it?

New York Times vs. Facebook’s Privacy Settings

14 May

If your tastes for weekend reading turn to charts — and really, whose don’t? — you’ll love this piece from Wednesday’s New York Times in which Guilbert Gates represents Facebook’s privacy policy and settings in a handy and somewhat terrifying graphic.

While I find the comparison of  said policy to the U.S. Constitution in terms of length specious at best, I think the overall piece provides some solid insight into the steps necessary to get a handle on how your personal info gets bounced around the social network. I find this sort of thing deeply concerning, since so much of my professional interaction and networking with peers beyond Cornell occurs on Facebook and Twitter. Deleting my account could actually hurt my career, and that’s just freaky.