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A glorious combo of modern nigh-ephemera

3 May

Via LibComf.com, a Wordle of the Twitter handles of anyone who used the #cil2010 hashtag at least five times. And yes, I did scour it until I found myself.

Talk about three great tastes going great together. It’s like wrapping your peanut butter cup in bacon.


Semester’s end

8 May

My final papers are handed in for the semester, and my brain is mush. Thus, I fall back on the joy that is Wordle, and present this blog and my workout blog as interpreted by its most virtuous algorithms!

The Nascent Librarian, as of today:

Wordle: Nascent Librarian as of 5/8/09

Jim vs., as of today:

Wordle: Jim vs., as of 5/8/09

Have a great and restful weekend, all!

The politics of Wordle

29 Aug

Last month, I posted about Wordle, a neat little tool that builds word clouds out of any block of text you enter. Well, that neat little tool made the jump into the political blog scene during this week’s Democratic National Convention, as a poster over at Daily Kos used it to build clouds based on the speeches of Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.

And, of course, a number of folks have thrown together clouds like this one based on Barack Obama’s acceptance speech:

Which is, frankly, pretty cool. It’s an interesting way to view political speeches, though it may well be more pretty than insightful.


19 Jun

By way of Bruce Baugh’s livejournal, I discovered Worldle: a fun little application that lets you turn texts into (visual) art. I was unable to resist the temptation to so transmogrify my massive planning, marketing, and assessment project from this past Spring:

Also, thanks to all the folks who suggested resources on Drupal! It is greatly appreciated.