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Scanner suggestions?

24 Mar

No, not that kind.

So, here in the Web & Digital Projects group, we’re looking to snag a new scanner. It will mainly be used to digitize hardcopy articles for upload into our digital repository, so both the quality of the scans and the ability to scan many pages quickly and accurately are priorities.

I’m taking a look at options now, but I was wondering if anyone out there in blogland had some experinece or suggestions about models i should take a closer look at or avoid entirely? 




16 Jun

Does anyone out there with experience using Drupal have advice on the best way to get started on learning to use it? I’m going to enact my usual game plan (“set up and account and play around”), but if others have better suggetions I’d definitely appreciate them.


(And a note for people who read my previous post: there is a subtle but important different between “narcissistic” and “selfish”.)