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Some gallows humor for your Thursday

3 Dec

Chances are you’ve seen this image before, but I thought it was worth re-posting. In November, BusinessWeek laid off its library staff as part of its general downsizing. BW employees visiting the former library now see the following (click image for source):

Three links for a busy weekend

3 May

Working on my final assignments for the semester: a pair of issue briefs documenting net neutrality and internet filtering, respectively. With that in mind, here are three fun links that are worth a gander:

The Secret Of Google’s Book Scanning Machine Revealed

Using Dropbox for library document delivery

My presentation from Wednesday’s meeting of the ILR Extension Leadership Team, from prezi.com. Be warned: the “story” portion doesn’t make a lick of sense without me talking, but the software’s just plain keen.

Back to the grind.

EDIT: I have not forgotten about my promise of book reviews. They will come after I wrap my classes, possibly accompanied by one of When Gravity Fails, which has gotten off to an amazing start.