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Because I need more blogs

3 Sep

I have now made my first — and frankly, long-overdue — post to the SLA Academic Division’s blog. Head on over and check it out.

And then enjoy your weekend, which I truly hope is a long one.

Semester’s end

8 May

My final papers are handed in for the semester, and my brain is mush. Thus, I fall back on the joy that is Wordle, and present this blog and my workout blog as interpreted by its most virtuous algorithms!

The Nascent Librarian, as of today:

Wordle: Nascent Librarian as of 5/8/09

Jim vs., as of today:

Wordle: Jim vs., as of 5/8/09

Have a great and restful weekend, all!

CUL’s Ask A Librarian reference blog

23 Jun

This week I’m the editor-in-charge of the CUL Ask A Librarian reference blog. It’s a project I’ve been involved with for the last year; the blog’s been live for a while now, so these occasional weeks of being responsible for moderating comments and posting questions and answers sent in from the various campus unit libraries are my primary involvement these days. It’s a bit more work on my plate for the week, but it’s worth it: I still think this project’s just as keen as when I joined the working group last summer to help get it up and running.

So, if you’re interested, come by and see questions get answered!

First up: Is there a national association of education directors for unions?

I live…

16 Jun

…but post infrequently.

The last two weeks have been very hectic, hence the dearth of posts. I’ve begun work on my internship for school, as well as undertaking the planning of a mission to New Jersey to collect a large collection of books that a friend of the library is kindly donating. The latter is turning out to be… logistically interesting. This is on top of my usual workload, by and large, rather than replacing it.

I’ve also found that my bi-weekly Google Calender posting reminders has transformed from a helpful spur to a crushing reminder of how remiss I’ve been. So, I’m gonna delete them all, start from scratch… and hopefully get back to posting stuff that’s a little less narcissistic than this post.

Like a debutante ball with less chiffon

14 May

Professor Scott Nicholson, director of the Syracuse University iSchool’s LIS program, has put together a single RSS feed that provides posts from several professional blogs maintained by folks associated with the school.

The Nascent Librarian is one of those blogs. The publicity has doubled the number of total comments here in less than an hour. Sure, said number has gone from “one” to “two,” but surely that’s cause enough for giddiness and nervousness, right?

So, if you’re coming here by way of the aforementioned feed, welcome! And if you’ve actually been following this blog all along, go subscribe to that feed. Lotta cool people there posting cool things.

Sixteen down, twenty to go

9 May

So, I turned in my last assignment for the semester last week, and then promptly went on vacation. It’s my sincerest hope that regular posting will happen this summer; in hindsight, starting this blog right before two of the toughest weeks of my semester was not a good move.

As it is, the semester seemed to end well (though I’m still waiting on grades for one of my classes), and I’m looking forward to a summer off that may or may not be replaced with a summer in which I work on my required internship. We’ll see.

But, as it stands, I’m wrapping up my first full year with 44% of my required credits completed, my enthusiasm for the profession undiminished, my skill set within the profession expanded, and a 91-page planning, marketing, and asessment report to show off.

I’m hoping that counts for something. :)

Computers in Libraries 2008

9 Apr

I’m sitting in the overflow space for the Washington Room at CiL2008. It’s a lovely space, with wide, outlet-filled tables perfect for laptops, and quiet while most attendees are off grabbing lunch at the free reception. Me, I grabbed food quickly and ran; things can get ugly when library folks line up. I mean, I started bringing this laptop after I almost caught a shiv in the kidney because someone thought I was trying to cut in the public computer line.*

I’ve enjoyed this, my first real library conference. I think I’ll try to dedicate a few posts to some of the more interesting seminars. I’m going to try to push out two or three posts a week on this thing, so it’ll be nice to start off with a good supply of fodder.

And with that inspirational metaphor for the future quality of this blog’s content, I shall retire to someplace with cell phone reception.

* This statement is a total lie. I’m still in the process of “finding my voice,” as they say in the blogosphere (or at least, in the blogging workshop I attended on Monday). It remains to be seen whether or not “mendacious hyperbole” will remain a characteristic of this voice.

Hey hey

8 Apr

So, this is where I’ll blog about my experiences attending library school online and working as a library paraprofessional who’s trying to make the jump into official librarianship. I’ve been considering doing this for a while, but my experience at Computers in Libraries 2008 inspired me to get started.

Of course, since I’m sitting in a session at said conference as I write, I’ll keep this short.

More to come!