10 Years, 10 Million Downloads

26 May

Real-Time Readership Map - LargeThis month, DigitalCommons@ILR recorded its 10 millionth full-text download. This corresponds with the tenth year the repository’s been in operation, so naturally we’re celebrating:

Launched just over a decade ago, DigitalCommons@ILR provides free online access to over 21,000 resources for executives, managers, workers and researchers. It serves as a repository not only of scholarship produced by faculty and researchers, but also historic and born-digital materials relevant to the ILR community and workplace researchers and practitioners internationally.

Covering all aspects of work and the workplace, DigitalCommons@ILR documents are freely available online with no access restrictions. Researchers from every state in the union and around the world download items, often found through Google searches, on everything from general workplace subjects such as creativity or teamwork to specialized questions such as the transition from disability to retirement benefits or the implications of specific labor laws and rulings. The site’s real-time readership map showing download locations emphasizes the school’s global reach as it pursues its mission of “Advancing the World of Work.”

Follow the link to read the whole press release. I want to take this opportunity to give accolades to the folks who helped make this happen:

  • Mary Newhart was the first repository manager, and really set the stage for everything that’s come since. She made it happen. Anything I’ve been able to do as repo manager is building on the foundation she laid. (She also hired me, and I’m very grateful for that.)
  • Suzanne Cohen and Deb Schmidle helped establish the collection development policy that still governs the repository today, and which I used as the basis for collection development at Scholarly Commons.
  • Steve Gollnick has done the lion’s share of work in getting material ready for the repository and actually uploading it. It’s painstaking and endless work, but Steve does it with skill and aplomb.
  • Deans Harry Katz and Kevin Hallock, Directors Gordon Law and Curtis Lyons, and all the other administrators who believed in our work and provided support over the last decade.
  • Many, many student workers who put in hours making this thing go.

I’m lucky to be a part of a project like DigitalCommons@ILR, and I’m deeply grateful to all the folks who have helped it succeed.

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