This year’s #cildc

16 Apr

It’s a sign of how fraught 2013’s been for me thus far that I never posted about Computers in Libraries in the run up to the conference, and didn’t even manage to put out a blog post during the week. I’ll try to rectify that now, though I’m gonna have to fall back on bullet-pointed quick hits:

  • I gave a workshop on digital repository issues and strategies on Sunday, and it went very well. This is the third year I’ve given this workshop at CiL, though it’s the first time at CiL that I’ve had to lead it without Amy Buckland, and she was missed. Still, it went well: well-attended for a CiL pre-conference, with a good mix of folks who came in with excellent questions and hopefully left with some cool ideas to implement in the next year.
  • The Issues and Challenges track run by Jennifer Koerber and Michael Sauers was once again awesome, and I’m glad I got over there for several sessions. Rudy Leon’s discussion of the core mission of library’s was great, and resonated strongly with me, and Ben Bizzle and Susan Considine’s lead in to the Next Big Thing discussion was wonderful.
  • What I liked most about the Next Big Thing — and why it gets its own bullet point — is how quickly it went from a presentation to microphones getting passed around the room so folks sitting in the “audience” could talk about their next big thing. This was by design, both of the presenters and moderators, and it was magnificent. I love hearing about what librarians are doing, because librarians are badass.
  • I wish I’d seen Jason Griffey speak, because LibraryBox is awesome. Glad I got to talk with him a bit, at least.
  • Krista Godfrey gave an engaging and edifying talk on the creation of a culture of usability. She is doing very cool things at Memorial.
  • On the topic of UX, I was happy to go to two presentations on the mobile side of the question, one from Len Davidson and Emily Robinson, the other from Nina McHale. My next year may involve more web design than I’ve had to do, well, ever, and I’m firmly in the camp that say mobile sites are the way for libraries to engage with patrons using mobile devices. These presentations were tremendously useful, and I left with a much longer reading list than when I came in.
  • Blake Carver’s Hacking 101 talk was entertaining, even as it was terrifying. Terrifying.
  • It was wonderful seeing 17 students from my alma mater, Syracuse’s iSchool, in attendance. Not just in attendance, actually: presenting, engaging, networking, and tweeting. Also playing laser tag, which I too indulged in.
  • Speaking of indulgence: Dolcezza. Just, Dolcezza.

Overall, good conference: I found sessions taught by passionate people about things I needed to know more about. I got to network with folks I’ve known for years, and meet new faces. I talked shop, played games, and enjoyed warmer weather than I’d experienced in what felt like years.

Good stuff.


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