The Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library has a posse… I mean, a website

28 Mar

5786dfa6-b482-4384-8f12-070fc49466d1I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about it here, but the library I work in at Cornell took part in a consolidation process that has, by and large, finished up.  We’re still in three locations, but we’ve actually come together into a reasonably functional organization, and it’s still a damned fun and engaging place to work. (And now my group provides digital library project support for three schools at Cornell, but that’s another story.)

One thing we didn’t have until recently, though, was a website for the new organization, which we dubbed the Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library (or HLM). I thought it a good idea to change that, if only for the sake of job applicants trying to Google us. So through the hard work and patience of Susan Kendrick, Ken Bolton, Patrizia Sione, and Jenn Colt, we now have a Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library website.

It was an interesting design challenge, since the three “component” libraries are maintaining our identities, and those identities are the main way we interact with patrons. So each library still has its own website, and those website are still our primary means of providing content to our users. So this site is mainly a place to disseminate information about the broader organization — information with a notably more limited audience — and then send folks along to the library website of their choice.

But still, I’m glad it’s up, and I’m not just providing links to try to attract Google’s attention. At all.


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