30 Nov

If you’re expecting another job listing, you are gonna be disappointed and possibly confused. We’re actually done with those for a bit (though you have a couple hours left to put in your name on the most recent one).

I spent the first part of this week home sick, the better part of the month scrambling among various projects, and to be completely honest the semester’s been kind of a blur. I think I helped organize a conference at one point, but that could be something of a fever dream. No right-thinking organization would give me responsibility for something like that.

(Though I seem to have a gavel, now, what with me stepping up as Chapter President for UNYSLA in January. I should post a picture of myself brandishing it, like the bookish and administrative Mjolnir that it is.)

But what’s brought me out of my ‘Quil-induced haze this week — and a good thing, too, with search committee duties in my present and jury duties looming — is the publication of this:

Jump-Start Your Career as a Digital Librarian: A LITA Guide

Edited by Jane D. Monson

The skills of digital librarianship are more crucial than ever, and these same skills are in high demand outside the field, from tech startups undertaking digitization projects to digital humanities centers bringing together professors, computer scientists, and information technologists. Map out your career in this fast-growing field with the full range of perspectives gathered in this clear, concise overview of the core concepts and competencies of digital librarianship. Twenty-one experienced practitioners from a variety of settings offer realistic views of today’s job market, typical project dynamics, and employer expectations. Whether you’re a new graduate just starting out or a seasoned professional transitioning from a more traditional area such as cataloging or archives, you’ll benefit from this book’s valuable coverage of topics such as

  • Activities and roles of the digital librarian, including management of digital projects and collaboration
  • Developing and using transferable skills
  • Becoming familiar with metadata
  • How digital librarians are re-shaping scholarly publishing
  • The concept and framework of digital preservation best practices
  • Technical competencies such as XML and content management systems

Familiarity with digital practices is increasingly important for all information professionals, and this book offers a solid foundation in the discipline.

I co-authored the first chapter — “So You Want to Be a Digital Librarian—What Does That Mean?” — with the formidable Cory Lampert of UNLV. It was a great experience working with her, and I’m glad what we put together is now in print.

The rest of the book looks phenomenal, as well: there are some very smart people talking about what they’re doing, and that’s always worth reading. So, and I say this with a lot of love and more than a little bias in my heart: check it out.

And have good and safe weekends, y’all. Don’t break anything that didn’t have it coming.


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  1. Doreen February 18, 2013 at 12:56 pm #

    I personally believe this blog , “Publication!
    The Nascent Librarian”, really compelling plus the post was indeed a fantastic read.

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