Day 2, #CILDC 2012: Maker culture, falafel, podcasts, BattleDecks, and KARAOKE

23 Mar

I gotta say, I think the high point of this day for me was Fiacre O’Duinn talking maker culture. He laid out a very understandable historical content for hackerspaces and other elements of maker culture, spoke a while about the more common variations of same, put out a call to librarians not only to embrace that culture but push it further, and quoted Audre Lorde and Ani DiFranco along the way.

I was hooked. I posted a bunch of stuff on twitter about it, but he really did get me questioning my day to day, and how much I was actually using my privileged position as a librarian to make the world around me better. My mind’s bubbling with ideas, and I’m glad I’ve already set up time with some folks back at the Big Red Ranch to talk about them. It’s gonna be tough to push any of this to fruition, and there’s no way I could do it alone.

Then there was some awesome falafel for dinner, the speaker’s reception, a brief appearance on the T is for Training podcast, watching my first ever BattleDecks competition, and finally: karaoke. Some of these are CiL traditions for me, others were firsts. All were crazily fun.

So yeah: good day.


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