Day 0 of #CILDC, Day 1 of #firecon

21 Mar

I’ll say this: it makes the first day easier when you only do one pre-conference workshop. My first and only was at 1:30PM, when Amy Buckland and I talked shop about repositories with folks.

I really dig this workshop; I feel like we really pack in a ton of info, and we do some nice interactive stuff, too. We had the attendees, whose repository background and staffing situations were nicely varied, list all the possible stakeholders in a repository project, and then figure out what these stakeholders could bring to the project — not vice versa — and then how we could get them to buy in.

Good stuff.

After that it was the Gaming and Gadgets Petting Zoo. It’s really cool how that eventy has evolved in the five years I’ve been attending. This year it was all about tablets, and the biggest draw was folks playing Plants vs. Zombies on a big screen.

The evening ended with dinner and FireCon, two elements that help make the DC location far superior to Crystal City. The restaurants are great, and sitting around a fire with a drink and a crew of badass libraryfolk is an experience that simply cannot be beat.

Looking forward to Day 1.


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