Day 1 of #libday8

30 Jan

Two confessions: I’m writing this Tuesday morning because Monday was busy as hell, and I came back from Atlanta with a nasty cold so blame any incoherence on the TheraFlu.

Well, at least any extra incoherence.

So, what made Monday so busy:

  • Got in by 8, spent an hour sorting through the several hundred emails that were waiting for me post-trip. Got the inbox down under ten, and the to-do list down under twenty. Addressed some low-hanging fruit, like confirming a meeting with a faculty member about digital projects, discussing the orientation of our new ILR reference librarian regarding same, setting up a meeting with our collection development librarian, etc.
  • Took a short sanity break with some barbells.
  • Got back in time for a meeting with the search committee I’m on. During said meeting, we SPOILER REDACTED SPOILER REDACTED SPOILER REDACTED
  • Seriously, y’all don’t expect me to talk about a search committee meeting, right?
  • Lunch!
  • Got back in time for what was supposed to be a conference call discussing an upcoming digitization projects, which helpfully turned into an email exchange. This gave me more time to…
  • …talk on the phone with the UNYSLA treasurer about reimbursements for the Leadership Summit, and setting up payments for our own upcoming events.
  • …confirm with the rest of the Reference and Outreach Committee the radical rescheduling of our February events that I arranged for while traveling last week.
  • …talk to an SU iSchool student who wants to interview me for a class.
  • …finish work on something for this week’s meeting of the Consolidated Libraries Leadership Group.
  • …get most of the way through my write-up of the 2012 goals for the Digital Projects Group.
  • Whew.
  • The last task was cut short because I needed to head to a meeting of the Public Services Executive Committee, discussing a possible revamp of same. That meeting was quite engaging, and took me through to the end of the day.

Then I went home, and took me some damn TheraFlu. The circle is now complete.


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