Another Friday in the Libe

2 Sep

The first full week of classes is winding down, and I’ve been answering what feels like a staggering amount of reference questions.

Like Judd, I just finished Hunger Games, and found it to be excellent. It was also my first Kindle book (read on the iPad app), a format that I found much more enjoyable than I’d anticipated. Now I’m working through a (physical) book of Clark Ashton Smith’s Zothique stories, with breaks of rereading Harry Connolly’s Child of Fire on the Kindle app. (Follow the link; it’s only $0.99 in that format, so if you’re Kindle-y inclined and into modern supernatural horror with lots of action you should snag it. )

Right now I’m trying to think about what I’ll be doing with my time once I finish the writing described below. I think my top priority will be putting up a user survey in DigitalCommons@ILR. I need a couple more folks to give me feedback on what I’ve put together, and then submit my waiver application to the human studies folks. (Because I don’t think they’ll believe me if I claim that we’d assumed the repository was mainly used by voles.) I’m also starting to match grant opportunities with potential projects, in an extremely preliminary sense.

I’m co-authoring a book chapter for a guide to being a digital librarian, and we’re trying to get our rough draft in next week. It’s been going well, but there’s still quite a bit left to do. I’ve really enjoyed it, overall; aside from the Digital Projects Assessment I wrote earlier this year, it’s the most writing I’ve done since graduating. That being said, yesterday’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic did make me cackle at my own expense, which is an experience I highly recommend.


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