Library Day in the Life, Round 7, Day 3 (no, seriously, I can count)

28 Jul

I’m on vacation.

But, since we’re not leaving town until this afternoon and I didn’t get a chance to catablog* yesterday, I’ll write up Day 3 on Day 4… starting with the end of Day 2. I am not bound by your bourgeoisie linear time.

The meeting Tuesday afternoon went really well, though there was a moment when I worried that my copyright concerns would doom someone to a truly onerous workflow, despite their coming to us for help. Luckily, Steve had a great idea, the web team ran with it, I nodded and cracked jokes at appropriate times, and we left with a plan that’d give everyone less to do and cause fewer potential problems for the library and school. Can’t ask for better than that.

Wednesday started, as my days tend to, with emails. Once that was done, I spent most of the rest of the morning on the DigitalCommons@ILR survey. I got some great feedback from my supervisor Suzanne, and I figured out how to use Qualtrics to make a survey with a number of opt-out sections. I may be able to get it up and running in the repository as early as next week.

I had two meetings in the afternoon, which wouldn’t have been a problem if they weren’t scheduled concurrently. I decided to skip the CUL Archival Repository policy group meeting in favor of an all-staff meeting to discuss changes to vacation reporting policy. I think it was the right call; the changes are such that my ignorance could make things rough for both the person I supervise and the person who supervises me, and since I’ve cited both of them as being awesome in this very blog post you can understand why I wouldn’t want that to happen. (Also, my totally hypothetical friend who hasn’t handed in a leave slip since March or so totally got reminded to address that, and handed in his totally hypothetical leave slip just before he left on his totally hypothetical vacation. Which was, hypothetically speaking, included on said leave slip.)

Penultimately, my various and sundry #libday7 questions about iPads paid off when I submitted a purchase request for one. I’m hoping it’ll make traveling a saner thing for me come Spring, but it’ll also cut down on me taking handwritten notes during meetings that I can only pray not to lose, and texting items for my to-do list to my email account. Also, it will be shiny.

Finally, I spoke on the phone with Cory Lampert at UNLV, with whom I’ll be writing a book chapter. We sorted out when to set our deadlines for finishing the chapter outline — not to mention for turning in our first draft — and where to collaborate (Google Docs, of course). I’m very much looking forward to writing this Fall; if all goes well, I can see settling into a “Fall is for writing, Spring is for presenting” kind of thing in the future.

And as soon as I say that, I laugh, because nothing ever works out that smoothly. But hopefully, any bumps in the road up to the lakehouse where our friends are already waiting for us won’t be too bad.

See y’all next week.

* It’s a word, now.

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