Library Day in The Life, round 7, Day 2

26 Jul

I had a tough time getting up and going this morning; luckily, I know where to go when I need a little more fight.

The first part of my morning was email, email, email. Gmail’s new inbox-sorting options makes the triage process easy enough that I can probably start doing it more frequently. (Not that I’m going to eschew my calendar reminders; some tasks, it really helps to be hounded.)

In any case, I’ve signed up for a couple of workshops and webinars (RDA and data curation), and gotten a helpful bit of news: both groups who’d been considering presenting during our August Reference and Outreach Forum have asked if they could move to a time later in the Fall. This will not only make our Fall programing easier, it means we can drop the August Forum (which usually only happens if folks need to get word out about something prior to the semester’s start) and focus the R&O Committee’s energies for the next month on orientation.  (Which merits it, just a bit.)

I also got in some correspondence with the co-author of the first book chapter I’m working on this fall, and started putting together the DigitalCommons@ILR survey I mentioned yesterday. I even took a little time to lift something heavy.

This afternoon, it’s a meeting to put together new workflows and support software for the news service the ILR School runs to highlight faculty members who’ve been cited as experts by the media. The set-up we have now is problematic and far from efficient, but I think we’re going to put together something excellent that’ll inform the revamping of other services in coming months.

After that, it’s prepping for tomorrow’s meeting of the CULAR policy group, checking up on and/or editing various pieces of the orientation puzzle, and keeping track of the Internet Duel of the Century.

Keep bringing the hits, Mr. Mustafa.

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