Library Day in the Life, Round 7, Day 1

25 Jul

I still function.

It’s gonna be a short Library Day in the Life week for me, as I’m on vacation Thursday and Friday. Luckily, I think I can pack a lot into the three days I have, starting with what I’ve been working on so far this summer.

I’m on more than a few, both at Catherwood and the larger Cornell University Library.

  • The library consolidation project’s Collection Management Team just turned in the final version of its Digital Projects Assessment last month, a chunk of writing I was given primary responsibility for last fall.
  • I’m now one of the co-chairs of CUL’s Reference and Outreach Committee, and I’m on the Get Started! Working Group; this means I have two levels of responsibility for next month’s new student orientation events. August’s gonna be crazy. It will probably involve video. I’ll totally post as much stuff as I can here.
  • The work of the Cornell University Library Archival Repository’s policy group continues apace, work that will certainly have repercussions in what I do here at Catherwood.

If all goes well, my future will involve writing lots of grant proposals. That’s gonna be a very new experience for me, so I’ve been meeting with folks at and around Cornell who have more experience. Been making connections, subscribing to email lists and RSS feeds, and making big lists of potential leads. The fall will probably see me playing mix-and-match between those leads and the stuff in “The Future” section of the aforementioned Digital Projects Assessment.

ILR School Projects
Spent a decent chunk of time over the last few weeks helping folks within the School smooth out wrinkles that’d developed in some of the projects they do in partnership with Catherwood. I think the projects in question will be better off after we’re done, and hopefully I’ll be able to apply what we’re developing to other library endeavors.

Beyond the day-to-day repository operation, I’m looking to embed a survey tool into the site and the documents it contains. Nothing too annoying, I hope; just enough to give us even more insight into our users. CULTURE OF ASSESSMENT, BABY.

Social Media
Been thinking a lot about this when not directly working on something else, especially taking our news service and delivering it through Twitter in addition to RSS and email. Oh, and I’m on Google+, like so many of the rest of you. :)

The conference was very cool, though I felt like the benefit from networking was far greater than the benefit from programming, much more so than with stuff like CiL. Maybe it was just that I hadn’t been to an SLA before; it’s probably not fair to compare SLA #1 to CiL #4. And the networking was, really, really good, especially hanging out with the folks from SLA Academic and CIRL.

I’ve made it a goal to get my publish on come Fall, and it actually seems to be going well. I put in two proposals for book chapters in the last two weeks, and both editors came back asking for rough drafts over the next few months. Rawk. Now I just have to write the damned things; luckily, I’m co-authoring the first one due.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me in the last few weeks, leading to today… which, well, mainly involved answering emails about the stuff above and then writing this post. (And its sibling post over at SLA Academic.) After this gets posted, I’m going to prep for a meeting I’m having tomorrow about one of those ILR School projects. I’m trying to make a habit of scheduling in a meeting prep session the day before any meeting; it makes my schedule even busier, but it seems to be paying off thus far.


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