The Niwanda Jones Road Show, Bibliotechnologic Emporium and Presentational Jamboree

26 May

Also known as, “two months of seemingly non-stop travel, punctuated by standing in the front of rooms and talking”. See also:

By my count, the last 73 days have included just over 1,700 miles of travel (1,100 by car, 600 by plane) and 12 hours and 50 minutes of presentation time (three workshops, four presentations, one panel).  Somehow, only two states (plus the District of Columbia) were involved.

I’m kinda tired (and apparently prone to parenthetical statements). I’m not sure if I really bit off more than I could chew, since the various and sundry events seemed to go well, but it was a damned close thing. I did, of course, get to meet and see a great many tremendous folks, and see some excellent presentations. I still plan to make travel a part of this career thing, though likely not on the kind of schedule I saw this Spring.

And, of course, the travel’s not done: in two weeks I go to SLA. But I’m not presenting, just attending. And after that I may not be traveling for work until CiL12, and I’ve no presentations on the horizon before a webinar in the Fall.

Which is not to say I won’t be busy: I’ll endeavor to produce something publishable over the next two seasons, and I’m gonna have a lot of new stuff on my plate at work. (More on that in a later post, maybe.)

But I’m not gonna lie: in comparison, such things sound downright restful. I am nearly certain that they will prove me wrong, and that I’ll look back on that statement with rue. But I’m willing to enjoy the delusion for now.

EDIT: IR Day went really well, by the way. I’ll post more about it when they get my presentation — and video! — posted to their repository, allowing me to provide a plethora of links. But I was really impressed with the event, the University of Maryland School of Law, and their Thurgood Marshall Law Library (which I was lucky enough to get a tour of).


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