Next stop: IR Day in Baltimore

19 May

The notice is late, but my next speaking gig is next Tuesday down in Baltimore, for the University of Maryland School of Law’s IR Day.

This free one day workshop will introduce librarians in all types and sizes of libraries to the challenges of institutional repository (IR) development and management. The morning session will focus on the challenges of working with content creators and establishing workflows and the afternoon session will examine strategies for promoting the IR to the community.

A panel discussion to explore metrics and measure the success of the IR will round out the program.

This is the first time I’ve spoken at an event sponsored by a vendor, which I confess makes me a bit leery. But bepress hasn’t done a blessed thing to try to influence to content of my presentations — or even asked for any info about content beyond an abstract — and if I can’t talk for two hours without shilling then I have no business doing presentations in the first place.

They’ve given me an hour and a half to talk about “issues of outreach to content creators, the establishment of workflows, and the expansion of a repository beyond the limits of the traditional IR mandate,” after which I’ll sit on a panel and talk metrics. Preparation for this has caused me to re-evaluate and refine previous theses, which is always a good thing.

Plus, I get to hang out with my sister and her family for a couple of evenings, which is always lovely.

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