Apparently, I oughta be in pictures (again)

2 May
It's a screenshot!

It's a screenshot!

So, a few months back I was asked to be interviewed about what I do, as part of Cornell’s Staff Notes video series. Our first attempt at filming was postponed by the blizzard that hit on my birthday, but we finally got together early last month.

And, well, now they’ve gone and posted it.

I confess that I cannot bring myself to watch the whole thing: I’m uncomfortable watching myself speak (though as anyone who knows me can testify, I love the sound of my own voice). But the interview’s gotten some love from folks at Catherwood and CUL in general, and it made my family pretty happy.

It’s cool to just get to talk about the work for a while. I love what we do; I hope that the video not only makes that clear, but also helps get other folks excited about this stuff.

Oh, and this was briefly on the front page at, before getting bumped for a video about a falcon. I both love and hate that bird.

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