Next speaking engagement: Upstate New York SLA

4 Apr

I really thought I’d have time to write up that reflective post on CiL 2011, but apparently time did not stop while I was in DC. Terribly inconsiderate, and it made for a crazy week.

In any case, I’ve got another opportunity to do the public speaking thing this Friday, April 8, at the UNYSLA‘s “Toot Your Own Horn: Measuring & Meeting Your Objectives” event. Here’s the blurb for my bit:

Plural of Anecdote: Assessing the Success of a Digital Repository

Anyone who’s taken a stats class — and plenty of other folks besides — knows the danger of relying on unsupported anecdotal evidence. Yet the data available to us through our myriad assessment tools often proves ineffective or disconnected without the context provided by a strong narrative. This session will discuss how the Web & Digital Projects Group at Cornell University’s Catherwood Library seeks to find a balance, using stories and data analysis to not only assess the success of DigitalCommons@ILR and their other projects, but also define what success means for those projects.

Honestly, you should just click through and read the description of the whole event: listening to Jill Hurst-Wahl speak is always worth it, and while I’m not as familiar with his work it sounds like Sean Branagan should bring a lot to the table as well.

So if you can make the trip, I’m betting it’ll be worth your while to do so. Hope to see you there!

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