#cil11 Day 1

21 Mar

This morning began with thunderstorms and delayed keynote speakers and busted wifi.  But I try not to see omens, especially before a presentation.

Still getting my head around arriving a day early, especially a day as packed as yesterday. Usually, the keynote is my signal to spool up to full conference readiness; right now, my body feels pretty convinced that this shindig is over. My body, on the other hand, is pretty damned excited about what’s coming up. Hurrah for periodic and helpful dualism.

There are ways I might like to spend the time prior to presenting, but desperately trying to reactivate the wifi card on my work-borrowed laptop is not among them. Such is the world, and as problems go it’s minor indeed.


The presentation went very well, I think. I went second, but the folks preceding me were stunningly considerate about time. I still felt like I was paced like a freight train, but I got through.

I feel awkward posting that: I’m increasingly of the school of thought that mandates as few words of possible on slides, so flipping through that presentation will likely prove confusing. Maybe I could put together something with sound?

In any case, I got a tone of great questions afterwards, and a long talk with Courtney Young. She felt that — and I’m hopefully paraphrasing correctly, here — that I was putting forward a fundamentally un-collaborative process forward as collaboration. If I did so, it was an error: I don’t see our “give us your vita, we’ll take it from there” repository policy as collaborative. We see it as effective for getting faculty content into the repository, and also setting the stage for actual collaboration with some faculty later. For most faculty, they really don’t go beyond that, and that’s fine; the ones who do come back with more, though, help provide the stuff that makes DigitalCommons@ILR shine.

Such a good talk, and exactly the sort of thing I hope for when I get asked to present.

If you flip through that thing, you’ll notice I wrap up with a focus on stories. I was thrilled to hear that emphasized again in Rebecca Jones‘ presentation later in the day, “Performance Measures: Illustrating Value to Your Community”. It was inspiring, informative, and quite a lot of fun. If I can find a link to it, I’ll add it here. Great, great stuff.

Afterwards, a lovely dinner and an evening spent around a firepit behind the hotel. Firecon forever, y’all. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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