Library Day in the Life, Day 4

27 Jan

Another day in which I’m only starting to write a blog post in the late afternoon. I did try to give a sense of my day through Twitter — along with the occasional digression of which I am irrationally proud — but I’ve also been trying to chronicle the day with pictures as well. (Please note: at the time of this writing, that photo set is brand new and almost completely unpopulated. I hope to rectify that situation sometime this evening. EDIT: It should be working now.)

With that in mind, here’s a summary (complete with dots sure to please the Deputy Ops):

  • Finished setting up my chat reference schedule for the semester. I am deeply grateful that the folks who have to keep those time slots filled were willing to be flexible; frankly, these people are awesome.
  • Took some time to read what other library folks have been writing about this week.
  • Emails, emails, emails.
  • An interlude, after a day of rest.
  • The first meeting of the Cornell University Library Archival Repository Policy Committee, which seems to have one more word in its title than it has members. Luckily, the members are righteous, the task is both important and engaging, and the meetings seem likely to occur in my library. There’s nothing but greatness there, people.
  • Back to my desk for my first full ref desk backup shift, which runs concurrently with my first ref chat shift at the new time. Nothing’s come in from the physical desk so far, but I got my first two chat questions nearly simultaneously. I managed not only to avoid shrieking in terror, but also to actually answer the questions.

Both ref shifts just finished, so I’m trying to wrap things up for the day. But I think the day may have wrapped things up without my prompting, so maybe I’ll just head home soon.


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