Library Day in the Life, Day 2

25 Jan

It was a balmy 22° F this morning, and I managed to get myself moving enough to grab an earlier bus. Less to do today, but less time to do it in, so the early start is a boon.

Right off the bat, my calendar-generated task list is lighter:  write for 15 minutes, post to the SLA blog. Scanning for topics for the latter could be a good use for the time between more active stuff today.

The anchors to my schedule are the two times in which my day crosses over with the all-day interview being conducted for one of the library director candidates: his presentation at 9am, and his meeting with the entire staff at 3pm. I’ll endeavor to take decent enough notes in the former so as to ask questions a bit more nuanced than, “So, how about them digital projects?” at the latter.

The afternoon slot conflicts with my first reference desk shift of the semester, but I’ve received a special dispensation to go to the meeting. (Why yes, I am a former Catholic; why do you ask?) Which is the other item on my to-do list today, sadly unreflected in either my calendar or my inbox: work out my chat reference schedule for the semester. I need to get a sub for next week, and see if I can change around my weekly shift: it was perfect last semester, but doesn’t work well this semester. Hopefully, noting it here will prompt me to write the necessary emails later.

Now, off to the presentation.


Presentation was very interesting. Big turnout from throughout CUL, and a lot of good questions, too; I took some notes but decided not to ask my questions this morning, both to give them more time to percolate and to give more time to folks who wouldn’t get a second chance to sit down with the candidate.

Spent some time afterwards comparing notes with my Catherwood colleagues, and then it was off to my semi-daily interlude of heavy objects. Deadlifts being honestly inspirational, I realized that I should’ve posted about Library Day in the Life to the SLA Academic blog. Since there were still 3.5 days left in the week, I rectified my oversight after lunch. (And thus got to cross two items off of my task list.)

Since I was feeling on a roll, I sent out the emails about my reference chat schedule. I really enjoy those shifts, so I want to make sure they mesh well with my semester’s schedule, a decent portion of which is only now getting settled.

Hopefully, I’ll hear back about that this afternoon, and will have a chance to talk with my supervisor about some upcoming travel opportunities. But the second anchor of my day — the candidate’s meeting with the staffs of all three soon-to-be-consolidated libraries — is coming up fast. Need to get my questions in order, and maybe grab a chance to talk to a friend of mine who works down-campus; haven’t caught up with him in far too long.


Back, with a solid 15 minutes left to finish up this post!

The meeting was interesting, and the candidate gave some very good answers to some very tough questions. I managed to squeeze a couple in, about libraries creating digital resources and facilitating their creation by our constituents (nuance!), and about how the candidate runs meetings (pragmatism!). Felt like I left with a much stronger sense of what the candidate was bringing from his current position, and was impressed.

Wrapping up now, thinking about the bus and dinner and belly-dancing class. Have a good evening, all.

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