Right back where we started from

15 Oct

Tremendously busy and notably productive week. While part of the latter might be credited to my participation in International Suit Up Day, it was more likely just me getting things squared away before heading out to Internet Librarian 2010. I’m excited; looking through the program, there’s a degree of crossover between “presentations being made by smart folks I know” and “presentations directly relevant to my work” such that the resulting Venn diagram could be titled, “Why Jim Will Be Attending A Workshop During Pretty Much Every Time Slot at IL2010”. Which would be a horrible title, so I’m glad I didn’t need to produce such a diagram to justify my travel expenses.

I’m also excited that I get to head out to California early and spend a few days with Nina in Yosemite. Northern California was where we spent our first summer together, our honeymoon, and the big vacation we took right before we decided to move back to Ithaca. I’m looking forward to going back again.

I always associate that first trip with this song, though the song came out a bit after we’d come back east:

Odd that I’d never seen the video before now. For what it’s worth, I heartily disapprove of the damaging of a Flying V. But rinsing your mouth out with Jack Daniels? That’s just rock ‘n’ roll.


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