Labor Research Review

29 Sep

So while I was on vacation, the news about the project my group’s been working on for the past year finally got announced. Now that I’ve been back almost a week, I figure it’s about time I share said news.

Over the past year, Catherwood Library’s Web & Digital Project Group digitized all 24 issues of the Labor Research Review and made them available in all their full-teach searchable glory on DigitalCommons@ILR.

It feels great to have this thing out in front of the world. Professor Lance Compa came to our Collection Development Librarian, Suzanne Cohen, last year with the idea for digitizing LRR, and she passed it on to me. It took some legwork to get all the copies needed from the Midwest Center for Labor Research, and then our student assistant Susanne Donovan spent longer than she probably wants to think about scanning all of the articles contained therein.

I decided to go with the journal-style series offered by the DigitalCommons software so that the articles could be organized intuitively; while this almost certainly ended up being the right call, it did lead to a lot of wrestling with a system initially designed for the publication of current online journals in order to produce what amounted to a digital archive. Luckily, the folks at bepress are awesome, and stepped up to help us out all along the way.

(I’m also glad those Photoshop seminars I went to finally came in handy, when I had to prepare the cover art and produce the image for the series home page and displayed above. I love me some arts ‘n’ craft days.)

All in all, it was a helluva project to run. I’m lucky to have the folks working with me that I do, and I think we put out something pretty damned cool. Check it out, if you’re of the mind to.


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