CiL 2010: Day 3

15 Apr

First off, I found two more folks blogging about my presentation on Monday: Jill Hurst-Wahl gives a great summary with commentary at Digitization 101, and Diane Schrecker adds in some discussion of how her library is handling these kinds of issues at Library Cloud. I can’t believe I missed Jill’s post until now, but Library Cloud is a new discovery for me (to which I’m now subscribed).

Now, onto Day 3. It started late, pretty much because of karaoke.* I missed what sounds like a great keynote, but did managed to get to hear Janie L Hermann, Colleen S. Harris, and Mary Carmen Chimato talk about developing information fluency amongst library staff —  a difficult issue, and one I got a question about as well. Frankly, their answers were stronger.

After that, it was running to catch a shuttle to catch a plane** to catch another plane. Unlike the last two years, I managed to get home the same day I left, and that’s a win.

Overall, I feel like I either didn’t get as much out of the presentations as I did last year, or I still haven’t absorbed it all yet because of the haze that followed my presentation bumping up against the haze surrounding karaoke. But I’ve got solid notes to go over; I feel like reviewing Lee Raine’s keynote*** as well as the talks on the Smithsonian prototype commons, digital reference, and open data will have the biggest impact on my work in the coming year. The networking this year was exponentially better than last year’s, and I feel like I’m developing a wider group to discuss library issues with.

For now, it’s good to be home, it’ll be good to check in at Catherwood tomorrow… and I suppose I should start thinking about whether I can find funding to go to Internet Librarian.

* I’m only now getting my voice back. Curse you, Chris Robinson.
** A bus to a plane, actually. Commuter flights out of National are odd.
*** How the heck did I not mention that in my Day 1 write-up? It was great! Again, the presentation haze rears its head, Putin-like, over the Alaska of my memory.

One Response to “CiL 2010: Day 3”

  1. jordanfp April 15, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    Still waiting for answer to your Q-Tweet!…

    “Q for folks in the social networking session: is it better for us to be in SN systems, or emulating their communication formats?”

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