CiL 2010: Day 0

11 Apr

I have once again arrived in Arlington for Computers in Libraries. So far I’ve bumped into several people I met last year and have met even more folks (including the very neat crew I went to dinner with, whose twitter handles I hope I will remember). Thanks again to Amy for introducing me around, and Jenica for making sure my allergy-blighted eyes didn’t cause me to walk into traffic on the way back from the pub. I’m looking forward to seeing more folks whom I haven’t run into yet, and catching up with the people whom I’ve only managed to see in passing today.

I also got to rock out, this year with “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Alex Chilton”… though I think the kickass rendition of “You Outta Know” might’ve stolen the petting zoo. (No, it’s not a mixed metaphor, dammit.)

Now to bed, to try to get some sleep before presenting tomorrow.


One Response to “CiL 2010: Day 0”

  1. Jenica Rogers April 18, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    Glad to oblige. It was nice to meet you, and to do my part to save a librarian from traffic-related death. :)

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