A query on the assessment of digital collections

6 Apr

Happy Tuesday, loyal readers! I’m here to pick your brains.

What kind of resources or case studies have y’all heard about for the assessment of digital collections from a user-focused point of view? Not a “how many hits we get” or a “how friendly is our interface” kind of thing, but a “this collection has few users, but it’s vital to them, while this one has a lot of hits but doesn’t tend to get repeat customers” kind of thing.

This was prompted by a visit from a colleague who posed the question in the context of digital image collections, but as I’m pondering it and asking around I start to wonder if  it’s exposing a gap in the assessment of digital resources.

How have you folks seen this question addressed?

One Response to “A query on the assessment of digital collections”

  1. Erin April 6, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

    Hmm… good question. I haven’t heard of anything (that I can remember off the top of my head, anyway) but you might be able to work with faculty (if this is in an academic library environment) to get feedback from them on which digital collections are most important to their research or their students and why… You might also be able to look at some works cited pages from classes who use the digital collections (do the ones with better grades cite a certain collection, etc). Or maybe you could make a case if the items that are digitized are one-of-a-kind? I fear none of these answers your question haha. I’m interested to know what others might have done.

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