CiL 2009, Day 2: Retrospective

1 Apr

Since I never seem to write these on the day itself…

Yesterday was theatrical. It began with a keynote interview with Paul Holdengraber, who’s bringing a magnificent sense of theatre to the NYPL, and ended with a boisterous panel on dead and innovative technologies who cursed and ranted and raved and challenged and generally played the audiences assumptions and biases like pros. (Which, I suppose, they were.) 

In between, I spent most of the day on the Open Libraries track, the highlights of which were Jessamyn West tempting me back to the verdant fields of Firefox add-ons and Shane Beers and Amy Buckland talking open access (and reassuring me that I’m not alone in dealing with the tribulations inherent in maintaining an academic institutional repository).

Amy also gave me a Library Society of the World banner for my badge. Rock.

Last night was also the first time I went on one of the semi-organized dine-outs, this one dedicated to taxonomies and folksonomies. The discussion of those issues ended up taking a backseat to more general chat and delicious tapas (and lots of chat about the delicious tapas), but it still made for a fun evening. This year involved a lot more networking for me, and I enjoyed the conference far more because of it.

And I ended up with two banners on my badge. I’m reasonably sure that’s how they keep score.

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