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20 Jan

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, the White House’s web site got a revamp to match its new resident. It looks rather impressive, which isn’t surprising coming from a candidate who built a large part of his victory on manipulating this mysterious series of tubes. Heck, it’s even got a blog, to which I am in fact now subscribed. 

As a side note,  I really just love saying “President Obama”.

I watched the inauguration and the speech in a crowded auditorium full of cheering students, staff, and faculty. From the excitement and engagement, you’d have thought we were out there on the Mall, not viewing the event on a big projection TV hundreds of miles away. And damn if it didn’t fill me with joy, hope, pride… and no small desire to be a part of what might be the building of something great.

It truly does feel like a new day. We should probably be getting to work. 


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