The New Jersey Odyssey

6 Aug

So, the last several weeks have been eventful, to say the least. Some events were good, some bad, and some simply exist , being far beyond the value judgment of mere mortals. That last category is the only way to characterize my (and a student assistant’s) overnight trip into the wilds of northern New Jersey to retrieve nearly six hundred volumes of labor law texts from a very generous donor.

My fears of not having enough boxes, or not enough room in the van for the boxes we had, proved unfounded: we fit all the volumes into around 55 boxes, with room to spare. I captured the scope of the job on my very blurry cell phone camera. First, the boxes in the back of the van:

And I even still had room for the student assistant!

Second, the boxes laid out on palettes for storage in the library. Note, one palette was already inside the library when this photo was taken.

Those two stone tablets suddenly seem amazingly efficient, no?

As with any trip to New Jersey, the real victory was making it back alive.

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