19 Jul

This week I’m in the company of family in lovely Rehoboth Beach. I figured it’d be a good idea to explain why my posting pattern was about to become sparse.

*snerk* Comedy. Gold.

Self-deprecating humor aside — and there’s something that deserves its own tag — the past two weeks have been kind of crazy at the library, with some staff alterations and a trip down to Northern New Jersey to obtain nearly 600 volumes of labor and employment law books from a generous donor. (For the record: me and Ryan, the student assistant who accompanied me, managed to fit them into 55 boxes, all of which fit into the van we were driving. If that’s not success, I’m not sure what is.)

I’m trying to forget the craziness for the week, and stop thinking that I’d be better off there. Because, seriously? It’s all gonna be there when I get back, and right now I’ve got warm weather, a beach, and a sack full of books.

I’ll deal.

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