A trio of fun links…

13 May

…makes for a relatively easy post.

First on the agenda: I’ve used the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney as an example in class discussions more times than I can count over the past year. Its online collection database uses both professionally-created categories and a folksonomy in a way that I think bears examination and imitation. Now, according to Lorcan Dempsey, the Powerhouse is working with Flickr in a big way. This just gets better and better.

Second up: Wikipedia is working its way into academia, not as a reference, but as a project in and of itself.

Finally, Jenica Rogers-Urbanek detailed the work she and her colleagues did to provide stress-busters for finals-ravaged students. I forwarded this to some of my colleagues, and we may decide to give this a go. It’s simply a great idea.

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