Computers in Libraries 2008

9 Apr

I’m sitting in the overflow space for the Washington Room at CiL2008. It’s a lovely space, with wide, outlet-filled tables perfect for laptops, and quiet while most attendees are off grabbing lunch at the free reception. Me, I grabbed food quickly and ran; things can get ugly when library folks line up. I mean, I started bringing this laptop after I almost caught a shiv in the kidney because someone thought I was trying to cut in the public computer line.*

I’ve enjoyed this, my first real library conference. I think I’ll try to dedicate a few posts to some of the more interesting seminars. I’m going to try to push out two or three posts a week on this thing, so it’ll be nice to start off with a good supply of fodder.

And with that inspirational metaphor for the future quality of this blog’s content, I shall retire to someplace with cell phone reception.

* This statement is a total lie. I’m still in the process of “finding my voice,” as they say in the blogosphere (or at least, in the blogging workshop I attended on Monday). It remains to be seen whether or not “mendacious hyperbole” will remain a characteristic of this voice.


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